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Innovation Investment 100

Enterpise Innovation Project and Angel Investment Matching Program

“Enterprise Innovation Investment 100” is a corporate innovation project and angel investment matching plan. It is sponsored by the Angel Investment Foundation, sponsored and led by the Angel Investment Fund. The goal of the plan is to invest in 100 Hong Kong companies in the form of non-equity investment and match with the Hong Kong government. Funding encourages enterprises to apply innovative technologies or market expansion solutions proposed by Hong Kong start-ups, thereby providing opportunities for start-ups to prove their capabilities and concepts, create profits for enterprises, give back to investors, and create a win-win situation for all parties.

Program led
by Investor

The project is led by an angel investment fund, and other investors are involved to provide funds for the project, act as an investor, invest in Hong Kong companies, match government funding, and apply start-up solutions.

Invest in
Hong Kong companies

The plan mainly invests in non-listed companies in Hong Kong, and encourages companies to combine their own industry resources and advantages to provide opportunities for start-ups to practice solutions that increase performance for companies and create a win-win situation.

Applied HK
Start-up Solutions

Enterprises that plan to be invested will openly recruit proposals. Start-up companies registered in Hong Kong that have not been more than 7 years old are welcome to provide proposals that meet the scope of funding from the Hong Kong government to participate in the bidding.

Apply HK

When the enterprise successfully obtains the intended investment and selects the winning start-up plan, it will formally submit the relevant funding application to the government. Finally, when the government approves the funding according to the procedure, the investment will be injected into the enterprise.

How to define a Enterprises?

A profitable product or service is already on the market
Have successful customer transactions
of unlisted companies incorporated in Hong Kong

Any preparation, conception or fundraising status project is not eligible.

How to define a Start-up?

Can provide enterprises with implementation plans to drive income generation
The proposal must be eligible for any kind of matching funding from the Hong Kong government
The plan needs to evaluate or guarantee how much revenue it can bring to the enterprise

Welcome to submit proposals as individuals or companies,
If the proposal is proposed as a company, the company must be established in Hong Kong and established for no more than 7 years.

3 Major features

No need to sell shares
just share the profit

Participating companies do not need to sell shares in exchange for investment. Planned investors only require a share of the profits generated during the implementation of the investment plan, which does not affect other existing sales strategies and arrangements of the company.

Make an investment offer
Within a week at the earliest

The plan does not require the subscription of company shares, so there is no need to negotiate the company’s valuation, and the plan does not conduct due diligence, which is reserved for the final application for government funding to conduct due diligence, which greatly shortens the time for investment decision-making.

HK$40m Max investment per company

The Hong Kong government has launched nearly 10 different matching funding schemes for enterprises, with a total funding of nearly HK$40 million, and the matching investment of the scheme is also matched with an investment of up to HK$4,000.

Application Procedures

Application Procedures

Step 1

Enterprise submits application

Enterprises can fill in the registration form online through the following link “Enterprise Registration” to understand their business conditions, including: cost-effectiveness, resource advantages, industry and market development prospects, future innovation, upgrading and transformation, and market development ideas.

Enterprise qualifications:
1.Any unlisted company incorporated in HK;
2.There are substantive operations and sales of profit-making products or services.

Step 2

Raise initial investment intention

After the conference obtains the relevant registration information from the enterprise, it will discuss the investment cooperation plan with the investors participating in the plan within 1 week, and propose to the enterprise whether to invest and the investment amount within 2 weeks at the earliest. If the enterprise accepts the investment plan, it will open the recruitment action plan.

Step 3

Execution plan tendering

After the company accepts the investor’s investment offer, the conference will announce the relevant company information on this website, and invite start-ups to propose an implementation plan for the company. The content of the implementation plan must be in line with the funding scope of the HK government, and can provide and guarantee profits for the company.

Start-up qualifications:
1.Incorporated in HK and opened for no more than 7 years;
2.The proposed scheme can make the invested enterprise generate income;
3.The content of the proposed plan is in line with the application for HK government funding (it is suitable to apply for that funding, which is suggested by the start-up).

Step 4

Apply Government Funding

After the conference selects the winning proposal for the enterprise through public bidding, the enterprise will formally submit a funding application to the government, and the government will conduct a due diligence review for the applicant enterprise to ensure that the enterprise and the implementation plan meet the conditions and requirements of the government’s funding plan.

Step 5

Realize the investment and execute the plan

When the government approves the funding in writing, the conference will arrange for the investment funds to be deposited into the company’s account and ensure that the company uses the government-approved suppliers. The conference will also supervise the entire implementation of the plan and share the returns generated by the plan.


Can I participate as an enterprise and bid as a start-up at the same time?


Who decides on the final funding implementation plan and suppliers?

To be decided according to the bidding results (the organizer and investors reserve the right of final decision)

Will the conference assist companies to apply for relevant funding?

No, it is recommended that enterprises apply by themselves, or consult the HKPC SME Support Team for assistance. Enterprises can also hire other consultants for assistance, or be referred by the conference if necessary.

If there is no return after investment, how to explain to investors?

There is no need to tell investors that the risk of investors has already been expected. The investment offer document will list the upper limit of return, but it will not require any guaranteed return, and the company does not need to be responsible.

Does the business need to have any costs?

Enterprises do not need any cost, and all matching investments are undertaken by angel investment funds.

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If the final funding application fails, will there still be investment?

No, investment will only be matched with government-approved funding. Without funding, there will be no investment.

Can participating companies recommend their favorite suppliers to undertake the project?

Yes, but it must meet the requirements of government procurement and funding terms, and there is no conflict of interest, potential benefit transfer, relatives or affiliated companies, etc., and also participate in fair, just and open bidding, and the conditions in the process are better than other bidders.

If an enterprise successfully applies for government funding on its own, will the plan invest?

No, all government funding must be approved after the company has signed the investment offer issued by the angel investment fund, approved the funding plan and the supplier selected through the bidding of this plan, and then successfully approved the funding plan invest.

Can investors invest in expenditures other than approved government funding?


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