Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Foundation serve?

We serve 3 types of objects:
1. Entrepreneurs, provide them with training, entrepreneurial guidance and support, and introduce enterprises and investors to cooperate;
2. Enterprises, match them with innovation and technology teams and achievements, match government-funded investment, and develop new businesses;
3. Investors, match them with investment projects or participate in their investment projects together, and share investment risks.

What projects does the foundation mainly invest in?

The Angel Investment Foundation is a registered non-profit organization approved by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. It will not directly participate in investment, but will assist investor members or be sponsored by investment institutions. According to their specific investment goals, they will plan corresponding activity plans, such as competitions and support programs or incubation plans, etc., to discover the specific investment projects they need.

What are the current plans of the Foundation? Hope to find those investment goals through those plans?

The Foundation currently assists investors in capturing investment opportunities through the following three programs, including:

1. Participating enterprises in the “Enterprise Innovation Investment 100” plan, the maximum investment amount of each enterprise is 20 million Hong Kong dollars.

The plan is sponsored by angel investment funds. Through the plan, it is hoped that the investment will successfully introduce excellent technology and talent cooperation, and at the same time receive government-funded Hong Kong enterprise profit sharing plan. Every non-listed company with substantial operations in Hong Kong has the opportunity to become an investment target.

2. For projects covered by the “Investment Buyback Guarantee Scheme”, the maximum total investment for each project is HK$20 million.

The plan is guaranteed by angel investment funds, providing up to 80% share Buyback for angel investors with strategic resources, in exchange for when they find excellent projects, they will actively introduce angel investment funds to participate in joint investment, any Hong Kong established or controlled by Hong Kong companies , projects with excellent conditions and complete financing plans are eligible to participate in the plan.

3. For the incubation projects of the “Combinator” innovation and entrepreneurship incubation plan, each project can receive a maximum investment of 20 million Hong Kong dollars.

The plan is funded by angel investment funds, sorting out resources and advantages for each individual with a dream, assisting in the design of a comprehensive entrepreneurial plan, and supporting the development of their entrepreneurial plan through an interest-free loan of up to 20 million Hong Kong dollars. The plan welcomes any individual or company to participate, no limit Nationality and place of registration.

Will the foundation charge a fee?

Except for the investment buyback guarantee plan, other plans do not charge fees. However, after some plans are admitted and investors intend to invest, the Angel Investment Foundation needs to collect an execution deposit from the participants to ensure that the participants execute according to the plan. When the investment process is completed for each case, the execution deposit will be fully refunded.

If I think the above plan is not suitable for my financing plan, is there any other assistance from the foundation?

The project will contact our approved financing consultants, who will provide professional financing services on a 1-to-1 basis.

What is the relationship between an accredited financial advisor and a foundation?

All approved financing consultants are graduates who have received the innovative and entrepreneurial financing training courses of the Angel Investment Foundation. They have mastered how to use the various support programs of the Angel Investment Foundation, match investors to participate in project investment, and choose the services of approved financing consultants. It can be guaranteed by the angel investment foundation that if the financing fails in the end, it will provide subsidies for the upfront fees paid by the project financier.