"Flash Forward" Acceleration Program

The “Flash Forward” Acceleration Program is a 12-month investment-led entrepreneurship development acceleration program that subverts the traditional innovation and entrepreneurship incubation model.

Planning and implementation agencies

Plan Underlying Investors

Tailor-made acceleration solutions

The angel investment fund will design a tailor-made business acceleration and investment plan for each project included in the plan.

Minimum investment of HK$5,000,000

According to the tailor-made acceleration plan, the angel investment fund will invest at least HK$5 million.

Share buyback of up to HK$20 million

According to the tailor-made acceleration plan, the angel investment fund will provide its participating investors with an investment repurchase guarantee of up to HK$20 million while introducing other investors to participate.

Full money-back guarantee

If the project fails to design an acceleration plan that can introduce an investment of HK$5 million in the first phase, the project fee collected will be refunded in full.

The programme will last for 12 months and will be implemented in two parts

Stage 1 – 1st to 3rd month

Study the various potential development opportunities of the project, design an investment plan that is in the best interest of the project and the investor, and cooperate with the investment acceleration plan.

The plan fee is HK$30,000

Stage 2 – 4th to 12th month

If the project accepts the acceleration plan and investment offer, the angel investment fund will inject the corresponding investment at the corresponding point in time according to the acceleration plan, and at the same time introduce partners for the project to expand market share, increase revenue, and increase the company’s valuation to attract more investors to participate in the development of the project.

Plan Fee HK$90,000 (3 quarterly instalments, HK$30,000)


Projects that have won the following awards in entrepreneurship competitions

or, projects supported by the following funds or schemes

Or, projects recommended by the following partner organizations

Plan to participate in the application form
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