COMBINATOR means the integration of angel investment and innovation and entrepreneurship. The plan is planned and executed by the Angel Investment Foundation, led by the Angel Investment Fund, creating a subversive innovation and entrepreneurship incubation model, and integrating interest-free revolving loans of up to 20 million Hong Kong dollars Managers assist in operation, 9 major professional service supports, use of more than 200 innovation and entrepreneurship bases across the country, and participation of angel investors. The goal is to collect up to 10 entrepreneurial plans or start-up projects into the incubation plan every year.

Interest-Free Revolving Standby Loan

The working capital involved in the incubation projects is all supported by the planned interest-free revolving standby loan. The maximum loan limit for each project is 20 million Hong Kong dollars. Entrepreneurs do not need capital contributions or personal guarantees. They only need to pledge project shares. Have the courage to try to realize your entrepreneurial dream.

9 major professional services support

Each incubation project will be arranged to include: company secretary, financing consultant, market planning consultant, technology application consultant, human resources consultant, business communication management, shooting and short film production, artificial intelligence customer service and exhibition event management, etc. 9 professional service supports.

Professional manager

The plan is to assign professional managers to the board of directors for each incubation project to serve as executive directors, and to cooperate with nine major professional service supports to cover most of the daily operation and development needs.

Free access more than 230 AIF Co-Incubator

Co-Incubator are located in nine major cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chengdu, Changsha, and Hong Kong, assisting projects in introducing domestic talents and expanding markets.

Angel investor participation

In addition to the use of revolving standby loans, we have more opportunities to directly invest or introduce other investors to participate in the capital needs of each stage of the incubation process.


  1. If we think the participant’s project is feasible, we will design a comprehensive development and implementation plan for the project, and the participant must implement it according to the plan, otherwise the registration fee will not be refunded.
  2. The purpose of the loan shall be formulated and decided by the foundation;
  3. The loan is successfully repaid within one year without interest. After one year, the annual interest will be calculated based on HSBC’s prime interest rate x loan term;
  4. After the project receives free funding, the loan will be repaid first;
  5. After the project obtains operating income, the loan will be repaid first;
  6. The project party can notify the termination of the incubation plan one month in advance, and the project party needs to give up all the shares of the project company.

Call for Entry

The plan accepts applications throughout the year, and the registration fee is HK$20,000. If the Angel Investment Foundation believes that it does not have enough resources required to coordinate the project and cannot provide incubation, the registration fee will be refunded in full.


Eligibility :

– People of any age (persons under 18 years of age are held by guardians, and the project incubation manager is the director)
– Persons of any nationality (the project incubation manager serves as the director before Hong Kong work qualification)
– Those who are working or studying are also welcome;
– Individuals or companies are welcome to participate.


Application Method :
Email your proposal or idea to [email protected]
Our project officer will contact you for discuss detail.