Investment Strategy

The main sponsor of the Angel Investment Foundation, “Angel Investment Fund”, has a clear investment policy.
Welcome qualified individuals, teams or enterprises to seek cooperation with us.

Through the “Enterprise Innovation Investment 100 Plan” to obtain investment-matching government-funded profit-sharing projects, each non-listed company established in Hong Kong has the opportunity to obtain investment and matching government grants.

Investment projects protected by the “Investment Guarantee Buyback Plan” will participate in co-investment after confirming that the insured investor believes the project is successful and no buyback is required. Any start-up company in Hong Kong that intends to raise funds can participate.

The incubation projects included in the “Combinator” innovation and entrepreneurship incubation plan, anyone, regardless of nationality, age and background, as long as they have skills, execution, and ideals, are welcome to participate. The maximum investment for each incubation project is 20 million Hong Kong dollar.

Through the financing projects recommended by “Accredited Financing Advisor”, the maximum investment for each project is 40 million Hong Kong dollars.

Financing projects recommended by Investor members of the Angel Investment Foundation, with a maximum investment of HK$20 million for each project.

A joint venture with the incubation project of the “FUSION” Funding Program with a maximum investment of HK$20 million.